Howdy there, my first name is Michelle and I have been the face behind this blog. I love posting about property investing.

I started out as a newbie just as you and experienced almost zilch success in my investments. As a matter of fact, my initial two property buys were a total disappointment. I lost money more than I gained. But then, I didn’t apprehend most of the tips I’m at present discussing on this site, consequently the lack of success was probable from a holistic standpoint.

After dabbling in the property investment world for the first time with no financial success, I made the decision to make it. I eventually became determined to never give up irrespective of the size of the obstacles I experienced. I chose to try for a second time but this time seriously, and strive once more I did.

Now here comes the best part. I experienced incredible success after diving into the property investment world to get all the information I needed to achieve something considerable. I began earning big time, all as a result of that determination to not just acquire the vital information I needed, but additionally to achieve success. My first failure also played an important function in my success. It turned out to be a learning experience in my situation.

Whenever I’m not here writing, I’m most of the time participating in meetings, gatherings, and heading programmes. Any time I’m in my house, I enjoy the company of my spouse and kids. We are one big joyful family.

The intent behind this blog is to reveal my expertise in order to help you benefit from my 5-year experience without spending a dime.